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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 6, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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that is going to do it for me. my colleague ashley banfield is here. a glimmer or hope and then nothing. teams that are searching are raising to confirm pulse signal s at the sight. it is the latest and best lead in this month long saga but it is one that just may not last for very long. the chinese ship detected the signal right here. but there was another acoustic event.
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in hours or days those batteries in the black boxes are doomed. it steered a course around the northern area of that country. why would the plane do that? was it trying to avoid radar? at this point no one knows. the families are left to do what they can at this time. they are praying for news. but some have their doubts. >> i feel the news from the press conference could be true
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because the area is where the plane should be. it is so strange that there was no emergency beacon signal. the last signal was heard 36 hours ago. does anyone feel as though the hms echo might be able to do something to find these boxes or even the plane? do they think it is even possible? if the aircraft is in that area the hms echo is equipped with the right kind of technology but
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they will be able to find that plane. there were two separate p iings. it has not been verified that there was anything missing with the airliner at all. along with airplanes too which will resume their searches once the sun comes up here for any kind of sign they can find as well. particularly the white objects that have been spotted by the chinese air crews as well. 60 miles or so.
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it is probably the most likely place to find something. but there is that second location that you mentioned. they are visare investigating a event there. we shouldn't lose focus on it. now we are hearing about this sharp turn. are they wrapped in these pulse signals and looking at the water only?
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i think the turn is more related as to why this happened as to how it happened. if it has run out of fuel and depending on how fast it was going. that is why it is refined to this search area. there were a number of turns the first one that was pretty clear that was tracked and a second apparently deliberate turn to the south towards the south
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indian ocean which senior officials now say could have been deliberate to avoid the radar of surrounding countries. that has a bearing on the investigation and motive for why it happened. thank you live. i want to dig deeper into the search for these pulse signals. they were so fleeting and yet they are everything that we have to go on. thank you for being with us. i know you have seen video of the chinese ship. when you look at the gear that is being used.
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is your assessment that this is sophisticated enough to find what we are looking for or not? it is designed for shallow locations. this is a diver system. it is used to swim to an area and look for a black box.
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that has never been shown by us and that is not how sound propagates in the water problem. i think the accuracy is 2.8 miles. there is reporting that on that chinese ship not only was the gear the hydrophone in employ but there was a pinker. and that was not the best kind of equipment to have next to it. whatever system i don't know how they turn on and off. but even if they are not being
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employed, is it smart to have a pinger onboard? i have looked at the video and on the picture of the pinger on that boat. it operates at the same frequency. it is timed to go for one to many days. we don't know what the chinese were doing with it. where it was potentially in the dote. is there a risk that they were hearing a ping in the boat? we would have to look for that
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cavefully. you have recognized the pinger that is on the vessel and you recognized both of those to be your manufacture and that would require them to follow your directions to the t would we be getting false readings? >> they are using it in the scenario that is outside our normal operating procedures. if you could stand by i want to bring in our panel as well. and less contributing editor and the pilot himself the echo has arrived. i think that sounds terrific. you heard that conversation if
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what we are hearing is important. if you go back to what miss houston said last night. he described it as this is an important encouraging lead but one that i urge you to treat carefully. he was warning against it. it is a promising lead. here is the problem with all of this. we are back to the old story of it is the only lead. so where they are using this in a conventional fashion or an unorthodox fashion. whether that video is the real video. what could possibly be the motive to send us fashion video. so we don't know what they have
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deployed. every single expert is telling us privately that there is almost no chance that you are going to hear the pinker while shoveing it over the side of the boat. he's being diplomatic in the way he is expressing it. anything else will tell you it is not realistic. i want you to weigh in on this. you have been an adviser to him. if the chi neez are in that area and it is not in today's search grade there has to be a good reason are, why would they be
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there. it is not the kind of gear they want to share? >> there is an encouraging convergence of data here. the tone of his voice and the way that he conducted the press conference was impectable. there is a lot of work going on behind closed doors. chief marshal houston would not hunt for those pingers at this kr critical time. if he didn't think there was analysis to back it up. i'm with you. i don't suggest that any of this information was a wild goose
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chase it was the gear to use what they got and there would be no one for frustrated in the way that this has come about. i don't know but do you believe that the video that they have shown is the video of that which they have? >> this is pure conjecture we don't know. he has to take this credible lead and he has to send it. >> they are out there in three miles of water. >> at 30 days in, it has been a trying time. it is got doe going to take a lot for sonar to go in there and coordinate it or not. >> i want to bring it.
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here is another thing. let's see that the wreckage got hung up on a piece of the ledge and it is high enough for that piece of machinery to pick it up. >> let me move you to the pilot's view. they are looking elsewhere for something similar. that map shows a creative arc aren't it. what does that say to you. it is perplexing the first term makes total sense to you. you go why the final southbound term. but here is the point as a pilot
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i don't know where each radar site is and how far it extends. how far radar extends. for me to think if i go this far i don't have that basic knowledge on where i will and won't be detected. how far out douse the radar air space go? out to around 200 miles depending on where the conditions are. 150 miles which worked with the transformer. is 200 miles. you may not know how far radar goes but if you look at the map you would be concerned that you
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didn't fly directly across indonesia. although they may not be avoiding who ever or whatever radar they would still be at 1200 or 14,000 feet. you would be thinking i don't want to be going right across the country. i got that it goes back to ashley's question. that is where the air space is. but as a pilot i'm always paranoid. >> even when you turn off your trance ponder. there is a difference between radar and the two ie the sovereign territory line of another country's air space wouldn't align to where the echo
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drops off radar or not. we need to take this track and why a trance ponder was off. and why we have this double. i have a lot more questions for you. you heard our guest talk about the strength and the scapabilities that now we are focusing on and sending our assets towards. how good are though and by the way how about the black boxes did you know how can be a black box in the future that can go on for years and years? [ doctor ] and in a clinical trial versus lipitor,
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echo and stand offense vessel ocean shield are being directed to join as quickly as possible to assist with discounting or confirming the detections. australian ship also reported an event just yesterday.
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>> can you weigh in on this notion that there are reception to something that is pinging in two different locations 350 mile as part? your first thought when you heard that. there are reasons that there could be other noise in the ocean. so it is possible to pick up the signals. it is unlikely that there is an active pinger on both sides. one of them is definitely wrong? >> that would be the most likely
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scenario. it is hard to imagine where you would have the two pinkers. there are two block boxes. >> so let me ask you about the pinging deviced and at this point you are not sure if your deviced were dispatches to that aircraft or were in those black boxes but i found it iraq lus to suggest that we could have black boxes that could ping for years. can you explain that? >> so the way it works. this is our 30 day pinger. this is what we use right now. this is not the wuone that is i the plane that we are talking
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about. as so as soon as it hits the water it emits that sing nal. these are used on air frames they are new going into the market. this is going to be active for 90 days. the difference in price is $100. those technologies as soon as they hit the water you have the sound and the reality is to get longer life time. so the listening device or the active seeker sends a signal out and we make these all the time and it is a common instrument to put into the ocean. this is a thing we call an under water trance ponder.
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you can go all the way up to something like this which we sell right now which is a modem technology. it can sleep in the ocean for many years and has ranges which are like 10 to 15 kilometers it lets you have the swath. and it is monday thiis maddenint that exists. it could have stopped by now. it could go on for a few more days. it is frustrating to know.
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if there is anything to those pings heard this weekend. i is the hunt for flight 370. the british navy ship has a set of high-tech detection equipment onboard. it is from the malasian government and they said it looks like the plane flew around the tip of indonesia and over to the indian ocean and southward. and possibly to avoid radar detection. they are working on why the plane would have done that.
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today is day 31. 31 days since flight 370 vanished. sadly those battery ares have about 30 days on them. why was the ship looking in the area where it said it heard the pings. jennifer gray said it is a mystery in the hunt for flight 370. >> a lot has been going on in the past month. we are going to put it in perspective now. the chinese say they feel like they have heard that ping. that was the original ar are c. it gave a lot of insight. in the yellow that is where you see the previous search areas to the south and up to the north. we have been watching the areas
2:33 pm
in the red are. these are the areas that we are searching. this is where the chinese said they heard that ping. if you look at it in relation to where the search areas are. here to here is 200 miles. where the chinese say they heard that ping is well away from the current search areas. did it intensionally dodge the radar? could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico.
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a former general in the british military. there is a another big piece of news as well. if we can pop up the map a source in the malaysian government, this is the new flight path. this is the westward turn. now was we are getting from the government source, if you watch that dotted line, the flight skirted northward over the tip of indonesia. is there anything that you wan see that perhaps does not sound right? >> there are holes in everyone of those theories i go back to why i don't think it is fkne nefarius. if it is mechanical failure where things started to shut
2:38 pm
down on them and things got worse with flight control systems that airplane may have started to turn. it is not as though if you are a pilot or high jacker onboard this flight you would have enough savvy. could you ever know that there is a pocket out there that is not covered from someone's
2:39 pm
radar. there is one pocket of malasian air space to the west of the country that doesn't have very good radar? heart of the program is to fill in that little bit of the gap. that is not relevant to this core issue. ultimately we can set up anything and then knock it down and i have always believed that that term actually at the northern part was relevant and quite telling. but i can put up an argument either way for it's purpose. so, the big news tonight as a result of this is that malasian officials are saying that this is part of their believe that it is nepharius not mechanical.
2:40 pm
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an explosive report today that flight 370 deliberately flew around the air space to avoid dearchitects. this part we've always known from the beginning. but it is after the westwald turn that things change. over that northern part of indonesia and the conclusion was reached by the investigators
2:44 pm
look looking at the data. i want to go live to martin savage. a lot of people have been asking if that could have been something other than nefarius. >> sure we can. >> keep in mind there are still a lot of things that we don't know. we set this up the same time of night and we are coming up where things were normal and it is just after that that things began to go wrong and the plane made a turn off course. so you worked it out as to how we think the points might have gone.
2:45 pm
>> i did. we had 18 difference wave points for us to cross through the path that they think happened. we are headed toward beijing this way. all of this blue stuff here it crosses here. here is stay land and this turn here after it crosses malasia it is making a turn to skirt around and you can't expand the scale more. it continued downward here. >> it would have to make the direction here. >> we are assuming here that this was preplanned and entered into the flight management system. you could do the same by hand.
2:46 pm
if you were a good stick you could do it. yeah. it is pretty clear that the malasian government thought this was some sort of criminal act and this may be one of the reasons that it is dole sterring that thought. i have heard that it is not unusual for pilots to preprogram wave points before they take off. but do you see any kind of scenario where you would preprogram any path like that. >> i don't. everything on the flight deck is cross checked to make sure that the route is the way that it was filed. i don't see that happening. >> who was flying the plane and if it was won the pilot or the
2:47 pm
co-pilot what is he doing when the change is happening? there are a lot of ways that you can look at this criminally but i suppose that it doesn't necessarily prove it. don't go far. there are three men sitting beside me. each is a pilot and has questions for you with the equipment in front of you. stay tuned. our pilots weigh in coming up.
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we are learning brand-new details about the potential of flight 370 after it dropped off of malaysia military radar. a senior malaysian government source telling cnn the plane intentionally skirted indonesian radar and the brand-new path is on your screen. the first part looks very familiar. it's the second part after the westward turn that things are very different than they were 30 days ago with that northward arc around the tip of indonesia. right around the air space and down towards perth, australia. we saw martin and mitchell in the simulator demonstrating that exact path. a couple questions from our panel. colonel michael kay is here as they get the simulator ready. questions are about to come to you two gentlemen from our
2:52 pm
panel. michael kay has -- richard quest has covered every crash since lockerbie in '88. >> every major crash. >> colonel kay, i'd like you to address this new information to rich and marty. >> michael kay speaking. great to see you guys. we all know about the astonishing piloting skills of the pilot that landed on the hudson. i think what that's given to people is a false sense of just how easy it may be to land an airplane on the high seas. can you give us a sense how easy or difficult that might be, not just by day but by this day by night? >> i can answer that for you. landing an aircraft on the water as any time of day is extremely
2:53 pm
dangerous. it all depends on the sea state. the type of airplane. at night typically, i mean, yes, we have landing lights. but they're very -- they're canted downwards. they can mess up your illusion. they can cause an illusion. we normally use only the taxi lights because they're a more general direction. if there's ocean spray those lights are going to distort, be more of a hindrance than anything else. so it's a very dangerous proposition. >> the sea state, of course, they call it the miracle on the hudson for a reason. there are other examples of aircraft, specifically a 767 that was hijacked that had to make a water landing. if you see the video it's quite dramatic. it catches an -- a wing tip. it breaks apart. a water landing is never easy. at night it would be extremely difficult. >> question for you from captain
2:54 pm
abent. les? >> i wonder if mitchell could do this for me. this is something with just relative computations where the airplane might have ended up. would you mind flying the airplane at 12,000 meet, going up to -- mitchell, you'll understand what i mean -- vmo, the max air speed you can go without sounding off the mach warning? >> i'll just interject and say that we could do it. it would take a little bit of time. about ten minutes to set that up. we're happy to actually do both of those scenarios for you. if you give us just a little bit of time we can show you what the water approach might look like. we can definitely -- i know what you're getting at here. this is fuel consumption. you know, the derivation from the route, depending on the altitude, you could be burning up a lot of fuel. certainly the speed of the aircraft. the other thing i wondered here is how does this new route information we have match up with the pings that they were
2:55 pm
getting from inmarsat? in other words, was there a ping out of place or did all the pings line up in a crescent going south? we can do that. just need some time. >> we're going to give you that ten minutes. in the meantime, les, that is what you meant? >> i did. >> spot on. we're going to let them put that creation together. we'll come back to it in a moment. other news we're following as well. this is going to sound a little strange. mazda is recalling thousands of vehicles. of all things, the reason? spiders. apparently spiders are causing fires in the fuel line. no joke. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ]
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no one knew what was wrong with me. there are all sorts of hypotheses. >> home from school for months at a time, away from his friends and world and very sick, eversol ses pra desperately needed an escape. he found it in writing. >> i just started writing. i would get lost in this world. i identified with this character. it was a way to keep me going while everything else in my life wasn't so great. >> after months doctors finally discovered the cause of his symptoms. a rare form of lyme disease. at the same time his scattered
3:00 pm
pages started to gel in a book. >> the book is called "the midden world." a character suffers a heart attack. he's in a coma. turns into a wolf when he wakes up. i didn't mean for there to be a lot of me in the main character. it sort of happened that way. you need something that can sustain you and stay mentally strong. for me it was writing and the quest to get published. in a moment we'll get back to the hunt for flight 370. we have some other stories we're keeping an eye on. but this is a strange one. a tiny little spider making a very big headache for mazda. the automaker mazda. because it's now recalling more than 40,000 of its vehicles saying the cause of it is these pesky spiders. they seem to love to spin their webs inside the fuel lines. and that can clog the fuel lines and potentially cause fires. it's the yellow sac spider.